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Insurance Lapses

When your insurance policy expires or is removed from GEICS, you have 10 days to send a new insurance policy or an update to the system. Depending on how your insurance policy was removed from the system, this lapse may affect only one vehicle or every vehicle on that policy.

After 10 days, your vehicle's insurance is registered as lapsed. Lapsed vehicles automatically receive a $25 fee on the record. The Department of Revenue generates a letter, which is sent to you notifying you of the lapse. You have 30 days to pay the $25 fee.

After 30 days, your vehicle registration is suspended. Suspended vehicles receive a $60 fee in addition to the original $25 fee. Repeated suspensions on records can result in an increase in fees for each suspension.

Lapsed insurance or a suspended registration on a vehicle is a serious problem that needs to be remedied immediately.  

If you are pulled over with a lapse in your insurance, any or all of the following may happen:

  1. You receive a ticket
  2. The plate and registration for your vehicle is confiscated by law enforcement
  3. Your vehicle is impounded

Once you pay the lapse fees that are due and restore your insurance policy electronically, the suspension and lapse are lifted.